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CA Final Group 1 Strategic Financial Management Video Lectures

CA Final Video Lectures. SFM. M.K. Jain Video Lectures. M.K. Jain

Paper 2: Strategic  Financial Management Strategic Financial Management (SFM) is a blend of Strategic Management and Financial Management. In the meantime, it has acquired a critical significance due to the recent surge in globalization and massive cross border flow of capital. Altogether the study of this subject opens new opportunities for Chartered Accountancy students. As a matter of fact, the …

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CA Final Audit Video Lectures by CA Vikas Oswal USB

ca final audit video lectures vikas oswal

PAPER 3:Advanced Auditing And Professional Ethics Firstly, Auditing is one of the core subjects in the Chartered Accountancy course. Moreover organizations conduct audits to examine a business process and evaluate the process’s compliance with internal and external requirements. They also use audits to implement continuous improvements. Altogether Internal and supplier audits allow management to: Learn about potential problems before they …

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Small Scale Industries in India : Definition and Small Scale Business Ideas

Small Scale Industries. Small Scale Business in India. Characteristics of Small-Scale Industries. Small-Scale Business Ideas.

What is a small-scale industry? Some of the Best Small Scale Business Ideas. A small-scale industry is a project or firm created on a small budget or for a small group of people. A small-scale industry produces its goods using small machines, less power, and hired labor. It is located in a single place and produces goods meant for few people. …

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gst tax payments

PAYMENT OF TAX UNDER GST HOW FREQUENTLY TO PAY TAX? PERSON TIME LIMIT Every Registered Person Not later than the last date on which he is required to furnish Return i.e., within 20th of the Succeeding month Composite Dealer Not later than the last date on which he is required to furnish Return i.e., within 18th of the month succeeding …

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Debt Equity Ratio : Formula, Analysis, How to Calculate, Examples

Debt Equity Ratio Formula. Debt to Equity Ratio. Debt Equity Ratio. Debt and Equity.

What is the ‘Debt Equity Ratio’ ? Explanation with Example and Limitations. The debt to equity ratio is a financial, liquidity ratio that compares a company’s total debt to total equity. The debt to equity ratio shows the percentage of company financing that comes from creditors and investors. A higher debt to equity ratio indicates that more creditor financing (bank …

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The Primary and Secondary Functions of Commercial Banks

Commercial Banks Commercial banks are the most important components of the whole banking system. A commercial bank is a profit-based financial institution that grants loans, accepts deposits, and offers other financial services, such as overdraft facilities and electronic transfer of funds. Commercial banks are financial institutions that accept demand deposits from the general public, transfer funds from the bank to …

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What are the (Know Your Customer) KYC Documents?

KYC. KYC Verification. KYC Documents. Know Your Customer.

 Know your customer (KYC) It is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients. The term is also used to refer to the bank regulation which governs these activities. In the year 2002, RBI instructed that all the banks must obtain information about their customers’ identity and address. From that time onwards, it has been …

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How to Check Your Income Tax Refund Status Online | Process

Today we are providing simple steps to check your tax refund status online.  What is Income Tax Refund? An Income Tax Refund is a refund which is issued to the taxpayer by Income Tax authorities when his tax liability is less than the actual taxes he paid. Am I eligible for an Income Tax refund ? There are many cases wherein …

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ICSI Inspection or Supply of Certified Copies of Answer Books

ICSI Inspection or Supply of Certified Copies of Answer Books. ICSI Certified Copies of Answer Books. Guidelines of ICSI Inspection or Supply of Certified Copies of Answer Books. Rules of ICSI Inspection of Certified Copies of Answer Books. Procedures of ICSI Inspection of Certified Copies of Answer Books.

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India has been providing the facility of inspection or supply of certified copies of answer book(s) to the candidates on their request as per Guidelines, Rules and Procedures framed by the Institute in this regard. A candidate who wishes to inspect (by visiting ICSI office at Noida) and/or obtain certified copy(ies) of his/her answer book(s) …

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