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Reasons why you should love maths

Maths is considered to be the most dreadful subject and is hated by most of the students from the very beginning. The very name of mathematics gives us jitters but we hardly realize that this dreaded subject is very important and is required in almost every course, every field that we chose in future. Here, are few reasons why you  should start loving mathematics.

  • Mathematics empowers you to become a problem solver in this world afflicted with problems. Solving mathematical problems exercises our brain and gives it the capability to solve almost every problem whether related to the subject or not.


  • Mathematics is fun to study. You don’t have to sit for long hours listening to lectures and memorizing long answers which makes you almost go to sleep.

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  • Maths makes you wise. People who love maths are generally considered to be very intelligent by others. So you can actually boast in front of people and make them feel jealous.


  • Maths is required in every field. Shopkeepers, doctors, travellers, CA, everyone has to do some amount of calculation in their profession. There’s a myth that commerce and arts students do not require maths but that’s not true.

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  • Maths is needed in everyday life. Whenever you go for shopping with your mom, you can easily calculate the discounted price and become a hero in front of her.


  • We all love short-cuts. Maths is the only subject which allows to to use all forms of short-cuts to solve the problem and even cross check if they are right.

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Its important to get the basic concepts of mathematics from the very beginning. Visit to get the best online classes and notes for mathematics for the students of class 9 and 10. This will not only clear your basics but will also make you fall in love with maths.

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